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I thought it was time for a new look here at Chris Evans Fan and we, once again, have layouts created by the talented Nicole.

Hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do!

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Today is Chris Evans’s 34th birthday and we here at Chris Evans Fan would like to wish him a happy birthday and we hope that he’ll have a wonderful day shared with friends and family!

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Thanks to Luciana I was able to update the gallery with scans of the SFX and Total Film Sumer 2015 issues. I’ve also been able to replace an outtake of a 2014 photoshoot with an untagged version thanks to Emily. Enjoy the new additions!

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Chris’ brother Scott Evans uploaded a video of them singing the 1970 folk rock classic “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor on Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to watch it below!

Description: Chris and I messing around over Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately we had the giggles and couldn’t make it through the whole thing without laughing for here is just a tease… With some sung apologies to each other. :)

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I’ve added a new Avengers: Age of Ultron portrait session to the gallery which features Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. I’ve also added more pictures of 2014 session 014 (one picture thanks to Emily) and session 015 from the American Way feature.

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Hayley Atwell shared some pictures of Chris Evans on set of Captain America: Civil War on her Twitter account. Check them out below!

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Before We Go, Chris Evans’ directorial debut, will be screened at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival. This year’s SIFF starts tomorrow on May 14th and takes place until June 7 with Before We Go part of the “Made in the USA” selection. It’s going to be screened on May 22 and May 23. For more information (and a way to get tickets) be sure to visit

Before We Go

Chris Evans (Captain America: The First Avenger) stars in and makes his directorial debut with this two-hander about strangers who, after meeting cute at Grand Central Station, spend one long Manhattan night assessing their tumultuous present and an unknown future.

Chris Evans (Captain America: The First Avenger) stars in and makes his directorial debut with this two-hander about strangers who, after meeting cute at Grand Central Station, spend one long Manhattan night assessing their tumultuous present and an unknown future. Nick (Evans) is a trumpet player practicing the night before a big audition in the corridors of Grand Central Station. Brooke is a frantic young woman who just got mugged and missed the last late night train home. The two meet and immediately connect, and Nick decides to set off with Brooke through the Manhattan streets to get her home safe and perhaps try and find the culprits who stole her bag. As late night becomes dawn, the couple passes through dimly lit alleyways and streets lined with neon, engaged in witty back-and-forth, deep conversation, and inevitable, flirtatious banter. This charmingly romantic character study takes the right all the right tips from the cinematic legac of beguiling brief encounters.

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Chris Evans. Leadership Award 2015.

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Chris Evans is currently featured on the American Way May 2015 issue and it contains a newish photoshoot from last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. I have added nine scans of the editorial to the gallery with thanks to my friend Mouza for the headsup.

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Production for Captain America: Civil War has begun and Marvel finally released the official synopsis and cast.

Marvel Studios has commenced principal photography at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, Georgia on “Captain America: Civil War,” the third installment of its Super Hero franchise. The production will shoot on location in Atlanta, Georgia, which serves as the base for the film’s production, as well as locations in Germany, Puerto Rico and Iceland.

Set for release in the United States on May 6, 2016, “Captain America: Civil War” is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo (Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Community”) from a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely (“Captain America: The Winter Solider,” Marvel’s “Captain America: The First Avenger”). The film returns Chris Evans (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”) as the iconic Super Hero character Steve Rogers/Captain America along with Robert Downey Jr. (“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Marvel’s “Iron Man 3”) as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson (“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”) as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Sebastian Stan (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Captain America: The First Avenger”) as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie (“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”) as Sam Wilson/Falcon, Paul Bettany (“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Iron Man 3”) as The Vision, Jeremy Renner (“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Marvel’s “The Avengers”) as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Don Cheadle (“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Iron Man 3”) as Jim Rhodes/War Machine and Elizabeth Olsen (“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Godzilla”) as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch.

After his debut in Marvel’s “Ant-Man” on July 17, 2015, Paul Rudd (“Ant-Man,” ”Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”) will make his first appearance alongside the Avengers as Scott Lang/Ant-Man in “Captain America: Civil War.”

The film also includes outstanding additional cast, including Chadwick Boseman (“42,” “Get on Up”) as T’Challa/Black Panther, Emily VanCamp (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Revenge”) as Sharon Carter/Agent 13, Daniel Brühl (“Inglourious Basterds,” “Bourne Ultimatum”), Frank Grillo (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Warrior”) as Brock Rumlow/Crossbones, William Hurt (“A History of Violence,” Marvel’s “The Incredible Hulk”) as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross and Martin Freeman (“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”).

“Captain America: Civil War” picks up where “Avengers: Age of Ultron” left off, as Steve Rogers leads the new team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. After another international incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability and a governing body to determine when to enlist the services of the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers while they try to protect the world from a new and nefarious villain.