written by Emily on December 26, 2017

3 Years Online + New Layout!

Hi Chris fans! Today marks the third year Chris Evans Central has been online! When I first started this site, I didn’t know it would still be up for 3 whole years. I’ve become more and more a fan of Chris and I’m glad for the many compliments and followers of the site.

To celebrate, I have put up a new matching layout and gallery layout thanks to my friend Jasper over at Ten Thousand Beats! I hope you all like them as much as I do!

written by Emily on March 06, 2016

New Layouts!

Hi everyone! The previous layout has been up for over a year and I thought it would be great to put up a new layout for the site and gallery! The header is done by my amazing friend Nicole and the coding is from Ray with a few edits! The photos featured are from two Chris shoots last year for Guicci Guilty and Modern Weekly China!

I hope you all like them!

written by Emily on December 26, 2014

Grand Opening!

Welcome to the grand opening of Chris Evans Central, your newest fansite for actor, Chris Evans. I have been working on the site for the past few months and am so glad to have it open. The photo gallery is already filled with 21,000+ photos and is continuing to grow. Please take a look around the site and be sure to visit again!

You can follow the twitter: @CEvansCentral to stay up to date with all the latest updates!

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