Written by Emily on June 16

Captain America probably isn’t in Spider-Man: Homecoming as much as you think

RADIO TIMES – In a world of leaks, huge anticipation and rabid online fanbases it’s perhaps unsurprising that Captain America star Chris Evans likes to keep a lid on his upcoming appearances in Marvel’s superhero movie universe, with the US star remaining tight-lipped about his role in Avengers: Infinity War and other Marvel movies.

“I think Marvel has like a sniper on me at all times,” Evans told RadioTimes.com. “You know that.

“You’ve done enough of these interviews to know that I can’t answer anything having to do with Marvel!”

However, there was one thing Evans WAS willing to admit – just how little he knew about one of the films he’d be appearing in soon, specifically Tom Holland-starring reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming.

You see, for months many fans have assumed that Evans’ Captain America would play a decent-sized role in the upcoming movie, with the actor said to have been filming with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr in Atlanta and a trailer teasing his appearance by including a pre-recorded school gym class video featuring the WWII hero.

But now Evans has told us that we won’t be seeing Steve Rogers fight villains or lay down some wisdom for Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming after all – because he actually only filmed that video cameo and not much else.

“Spider-Man? I have no idea what it’s about,” Evans said. “I really don’t. I didn’t read the script, I did that [cameo]…recently!

“I have literally NO idea what it’s about. I have no idea.”

Now of course it could be that Evans is lying and Captain America will play a more substantial role in the new film – but given how prominent Downey Jr’s Tony Stark has been in recent trailers, it’s looking increasingly likely that Cap is tapped out for this one.

Then again, a new TV spot released today (above) does at least show the star-spangled hero in another pre-recorded school video (this time offering kids advice in detention), so fingers crossed we’ll at least get to see him in a few more fuzzy frames of the finished film.

Whatever the truth, for now Evans is more concerned with his current film project, Gifted, which sees the actor take on a less action-packed role as the guardian of a child prodigy (McKenna Grace) who tries to give her a normal life as various parties begin to take an interest in her advanced intellect.

“It was a really good story, and fun characters to explore, and Marc Webb’s incredibly talented,” Evans told us. “It was a lot of little things that just made sense.
“If you like to shed a tear in the cinema, this is the movie for you.”

But if you thought getting involved in a Hollywood weepie was a calculated move to broaden his action-star appeal, think again – because Evans says he simply doesn’t think like that when choosing roles.

“That’s so funny, that’s such a big question,” Evans said when asked if the new role was a response to his years as an Avenger. “As an actor, I don’t do it for the sake of what you see me as. I do it because I enjoy exploring different characters.

“Whether you’re flexing a muscle for display or not, it’s…you know, I liked it because it’s a story that I connected with as a person, based on my past, my family, my creative appetite.

“That’s why I pursued it. Anything else that came from it is almost none of my business.”
Still, from all of this one thing is clear – whether it’s reading them bedtime stories, protecting them from special schools or even inspiring them to use their superpowers for good, Chris Evans is great with kids. Fingers crossed he has reasonable babysitting rates.

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